April 2024

Clean Elections San Diego
Hi Everyone,
It’s that time! It’s all hands on deck!  Our first step in getting the San Diego City council to put clean elections on the November ballot is coming up.  We will first go before the City Council Rules Committee at 9 AM  on Wednesday, April 18.  This is a committee made up of five City Council members and we will have to have the votes of three of them to continue.  If we have that,  the clean elections measure will be sent to the City Attorneys office for review.  After that, we will have to go before the rules committee a second time.  If we get three or more votes again,  we get to go before the full council for an up or down vote!
What can you do, right now, to help build council support?  Call your council member and let them know that you  support clean elections!  Can you do that? Can you make this quick call and then get your neighbor and family members to make a call? 
Just a quick “I support clean elections and I hope the council member will vote for clean elections will suffice but your choice of words and the length of your call, is up to you.  The important point is to just make the call. Council members count the number of calls coming in on all subjects.  Just by calling in, you make a difference!
For more information, call John Hartley: Clean Elections San Diego
Coordinator, at 619-299-8870
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