Campaign Update

Clean Elections San Diego
Campaign Update

Happy Holidays Everyone,

As you know, we came close to getting clean elections on the San Diego city ballot last year, but we lost at the city council by one vote.

And you know that we still feel that we cannot give up on Clean Elections. We believe that clean elections or public financing of elections is still the best way to reform our government to ensure that our elected leaders represent all of us, not just the few, not just the wealthy and not just the special interests.

Right now, we are still planning for the future. We are looking at what works and what doesn’t work. You know that we have adopted a new name: Clean Elections San Diego and we have started fundraising again to set up our new web page..

Now, we would like more of your input. What are your suggestions on how we can go forward, how we can get clean elections on the ballot and how we can win the campaign. Do you have skills that would be helpful? Do you know people that we should talk to? Call me or send me an email.

Another question we have is, do you want us to start hosting meetings again. Before the pandemic we held monthly in-person meetings. If we set up meetings again, would you prefer meeting in person or by zoom? Let us know. As I said before, we would like your input.

And we still have to cover the cost of the campaign even though we are all volunteers. First, I want to thank everyone who has sent in a check to help us set up a new web page. We had asked for your help, but since then, a web designer volunteered to help us at no cost. Therefore we will use these funds to start building a financial war chest to cover the campaign costs that lie in the future.

To help us build that war chest, can you help out financially. either, with a small or large contribution? If so, please send a check made out to: Clean Elections San Diego and mail to: c/o John Hartley, 3911 Park Blvd, #1014, San Diego, CA 92103. Once we have our new web page, we will be able to take credit and debit card contributions. And if you are interested in getting mentoring in organizing, let us know and we can help you master skills such as public speaking, recruitment and organizing effective meetings.

And lastly, we still invite you to watch a short (8 minutes long) film called Road to Clean Elections hosted by Bill Moyers which shows the positive impact of clean elections on Arizona and Maine, and how clean elections actually works. If you have seen it before, we invite you to watch it again. I have seen it hundreds of times and I am inspired each time.

Click here to watch Road to Clean Elections:

Thanks for your support and if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me at 619-299-8870 or

John Hartley, Clean Elections Campaign Coordinator

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