February 2024

Clean Elections San Diego
Hi Everyone,
Every thing is on track to getting clean elections on the ballot this fall.  Four years ago, we got four votes to put the clean elections on the ballot.  But of course, we needed five votes.  We failed by one vote.  We have continued to educate our city council members about the need for campaign finance reform for the city of San Diego and we think we will have our five votes to put clean elections on the ballot in November.
We have not yet finished our review of our clean elections measure.  It is in the final stages and once it is complete, we will soon put it on our web page: http://www.cleanelectionssandiego.org/
Finally, do clean elections provide more competition in elections? Our answer is yes, clean elections do promote competition in elections by leveling the playing field between wealthy candidates, special interest candidates and qualified candidates who have wide support, but little cash..
Check out this research done by State Politics & Policy Quarterly which is a peer-reviewed academic journal that covers research in the field of political science
Title: The Impact of Public Financing on Electoral Competition: Evidence from Arizona and Maine.    
   Author: Neil Malhotra, Stanford University.
 Does complete public financing of campaigns enhance electoral competition? Arizona and Maine implemented similar clean elections programs for state-level races in 2000, providing an opportunity to examine the consequences of public financing. Employing two measures of competitiveness, I find that clean elections programs in both states significantly increased competition in districts where challengers accepted public funding. These findings suggest that public monies do not simply attract low quality challengers and that access to campaign funds is an important determinant of competitiveness. As a result, while public financing programs are not panaceas for uncompetitive elections, such programs can enhance competition in races where money is accepted.
John Hartley, Coordinator: Clean Elections San Diego – 619-299-8870 – hartley2k@aol.com
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