January 2023

Clean Elections San Diego.
Campaign Update.
Happy New Years Everyone,
2023 is going to be a great year! You heard it from me!  Our campaign for clean elections has been a long one but I remind you that women did not get a chance to vote until 1920!
The key is to never give up!.
We came within one vote by the San Diego City Council, to put clean elections on the ballot in 2020 and we are encouraged by the support we have now received from individual council members, in our goal to target the 2024 presidential election..
This month we have included a terrific commentary written by our chair, Mark Linsky, that was printed in the
Times of San Diego, on why “It’s Time for Clean, Publicly Funded Local Elections in San Diego.”   Please give it a read..
Also, check out our web page at cleanelections.org and, as usual, if you have any questions or suggestions on our campaign,  please contact our campaign coordinator, John Hartley, at 619-299-8870 or hartey2k@aol.com.

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