July 2023

Clean Elections San Diego
Hi Everyone,
How are you?  We are having some great weather and as a “native” San Diegan, I sure enjoy the warn weather! A quick update, we are almost finished with our review of the language of our Clean Elections measure and we are still outreaching to groups and residents about the advantages of clean elections.
One of our best presenters is Mark Linsky, chair of the clean elections campaign.  Check out his message on clean elections below. And please let us know if you would like a clean elections speaker at your group.
The best outreach is to friends and neighbors.  Talk to them about clean elections and then point them to our web page where they can watch the short, 7 minute Road to Clean Elections video created by Bill Moyers showing the 20 year impact of clean elections on Arizona and Maine.
And you can always invite them to join me over coffee at LeStats coffee house at 10 AM on Saturday July 29.  LeStats is located in University Heights on Park Avenue, two blocks north of El Cajon Blvd.
or have them contact me personally at 619-299-8870 or hartley2k@aol.com.
San Diego Clean Elections Campaign by professor Mark Linsky

     The San Diego Clean Elections campaign has been going on for some time but in the last few years it has come remarkably close to success.  Clean Elections would offer a public funding option to candidates running for council seats in the City of San Diego and thus eliminate the troubling influence of private money.  
     In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, an effort to put the Clean Elections initiative on the ballot fell  just short of approval by city council.  Another effort is now underway to qualify the initiative for the 2024 election.  Only the naive and the new born are unaware of the pressure that money exerts in the political process and the huge negative effect  that it has on real democracy.
It’s time for Clean Elections.

Mark Linsky – Mark taught Political Science at San Diego City College for thirty years and has recently retired.  Before teaching he held administrative positions with the City of San Diego including assignment to the mayor’s office where he co-wrote a study on crime and criminal behavior.  He was a member of the Pacific Beach Democratic Club many years ago and is delighted to be back with the group

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