May 2023

Hi Everyone,
How are you?  Our campaign is moving along.  It might not seem exciting, it might seem mundane, but we are doing what it takes to win a campaign.  And our goal still remains to get a clean elections measure on the 2024 ballot, and then to win that election!
We are still reviewing the clean elections language, day by day, to decide if we want anything changed.  Remember that we have different clean elections language.  The first version was written as a citizen initiative.  That version was amended by the city attorney’s office to conform with the city’s rules and regulations since we were now ask the city council to put clean elections on the ballot. And given our busy private lives, we are only able to work on it once a week or so.  But we will have it done by the time we need it done.
The other area that we are now concentrating on is outreach to voters about clean elections.  We are resuming presentations to different groups and we are directly reaching out to voters. And, we continue to find voters supportive of clean elections when they know what it is.
Also, we continue to need help with our campaign. We could ,not only could use help, in outreach, but we still need help in such areas as working with social media and organizing data.
And you can help by reaching out to friends and neighbors about clean elections. The most effective way to do that, besides you sharing your reasons for your support of  clean elections, is to point potential supporters to our web page, “CleanElectionsSanDiego. org” and invite them to watch the Bill Moyers 7 minute video entitled ” Road to Clean Elections”
I end this clean elections update with an invitation to join me, over coffee, on the fourth Saturday this month,  May 27 at 10AM at the LeStats coffee house on Park boulevard,  two blocks north of El Cajon Blvd. I find it fun to meet with supporters and to share about clean elections, as well as, listen to their questions and suggestions.
John Hartley: Coordinator,  Clean Elections San Diego
619-299-8870 –
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