September 2022

Clean Elections San Diego
“If anyone is to own our politicians, it should be we, the people”
—  Bill Moyers
Hi Everyone
Our campaign is chugging along. We are spending most of our time outreaching to groups for support for our push in 2024. If you would like to help with this or any thing else,  let us know.  If you think of any groups that we should contact, please let us know. And of course, if you have any questions or suggestions for the campaign, let us know.
This month I would like to share with you why I have continued to support clean elections over the years. The clean elections campaign actually started when a La Jolla activist, Francoise Faron, brought a group of people together to discuss clean elections in 2000.
Out of this meeting came the campaign for clean elections which went through various forms over the years.   I got involved in the campaign in 2002 after a citizen initiative for clean elections failed due to the enormous amount of signatures needed for it to get on the ballot. And now in 2022 and a lot older, I am still committed to clean elections for San Diego.
Because I believe that clean elections is an answer to the problem of big money controlling our political system with their financial contributions to candidates.  With the power of their money, they buy influence and support for their special projects over the concerns and needs of regular people.
Arizona and Maine have had clean elections since it was passed by citizen initiatives in both states in 2000.  In those two states, clean elections has enabled more regular and ordinary people who are dedicated to serving the public, to serve.  It has given more women and people of color a chance to serve.  And it has shown one does not have to be wealthy to serve.
In essence, clean elections has leveled the playing field.  And it is optional. Candidates can earn the right to run as a clean elections candidate by showing that they have wide support and candidates who are wealthy or who are supported by special interests, can still run traditional campaigns.
That is why I continue to fight for clean elections for San Diego.  And I believe that if I am not successful in my life time, that the next generation will rise up to the challenge and continue the struggle.
John Hartley
Lastly, I invite you to check out our web page: and watch the seven minute video on our front page entitled “Roads to Clean Elections” created and narrated by Bill Moyers.
And of you have any questions or suggestions, contact John Hartley, Campaign Coordinator, at 619-299-8870 or
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